Seaweed Croissant

Freshly baked honeycomb croissant sprinkled with roasted seaweed powder, offering a natural salty aroma. The unique taste makes it irresistible, bite after bite.


Custard Croissant

Natural vanilla embellishes the European natural butter fragrance. Silky and rich custard leaves the fruit fragrance in the mouth after serving.


Crab with Truffle Cream Croissant

A perfect honeycomb croissant filled with crab flavor sticks, mixed with truffle white sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese, and roasted to lock in the fresh seafood flavor. Crab lovers can't miss this


Caramel Pudding Croissant

A classic combination of crunchy croissant with pudding and caramel syrup, come and enjoy a luxury afternoon tea with us!


Hazelnut Chocolate Croissant

Honeycomb croissant covered with premium chocolate, adding hazelnut crunch to excel the flavor. The thickening aroma stays, makes you crave for more!


Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

Molten salted egg yolk and buttery croissant, sprinkled with some black sesame to bring out the savory taste. You’ll never say no to it!


Garlic Croissant

Perfect fusion of rich garlic, parsley, buttery croissant. It's the dream product that garlic lovers cannot be missed!


Lava Cheese Croissant

Cut a golden croissant and spread it with cheese sauce, take a bite and feel the creamy cheese explod in your mouth. A tasty taste you can never say no!


Taro and Pudding Croissant

Originated from mom's favorite cake flavor from childhood, using fresh taro and handmade pudding to create the classic flavor from the old memory.

Meat Food

Cod Roe Croissant

Using premium cod roe, the sweet freshness with a hint of spiciness. Tasting different fragrance withing one bite, its taste is irresistibly good.


Lemon Meringue Clouds Croissant

Made with imported white sugar and fresh lemon juice, these crisp frosted treats have a subtle sweetness and lemon aroma. Perfect for a refreshing summer taste!


Caramel Almond Custard Croissant

A crispy honeycomb croissant with almonds and caramel drizzle is the perfect combination. One bite releases the delightful almond aroma.


Brown Sugar Mochi Croissant

The chewy brown sugar mochi and crispy croissant leave the attempting aroma of brown sugar and caramel syrup after serving.


Milk Caramel Croissant

The classic honeycomb croissant meets milk caramel from the childhood memories, it sure will bring you back to the good ol' days.


Golden Cheese Croissant

Top-grade cheese slices spread on honeycomb croissant, blending sweetness with savory aroma, enticingly delicious. A must for cheese lovers, satisfying cravings.


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